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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=knVO5EhBhVESorry for never posting here anymore. Anyway more details in the video and video description.This is my last post. ThxThat is all.

Fantage Water Park on the Cruise!

An event in Fantage from 8/6 to 8/19/2015. Water Park plus Starfish Hunt (8/13 till end of primary event). Also Tropical Harvest at Fantage Farm, but I forgot to show that in this video. Enjoy Anyways! :D However, here are some screenshots…


I have decided to do future posts on HatenaBlog instead of Wordpress.So anyone who has a Hatena can subscribe to this blog, as well as subscribing to my YouTube for those who have Google/YouTube and stuff.When I upload a new video, I will …

Hair Flowing Animation

A test animation of hair flow with the Bone tools from Anime Studio Debut 9. Wacom Bamboo Tablet and Paint.Net was used for the layers of the animation. Let me know if you liked what I did. That is all.

Another Fantage Post! Yay!

I haven't posted in a while (again), so I might as well post this here too. I've just checked my Fantage account today (yes, after all these years I still check my account every now and then... glad I did), when I noticed that this week (a…

Check Out My Friend's Blogs

If you read this in my blog directly you can see the all the sidebars I've set up when I first made this blog. One of them is Visit Them Anytime! which is a list of my friends blogs. Though most are not very active but it would be nice to …

6J Playing: Virus Hunter Island Ep.2

Something Fantage Related

There have been some changes in Fantage. But this is something we all might like. First of all, Everybody can now take pictures and save it on their album! No membership required. You can also download the picture you took as a .jpg so tha…

Entering a Fantage Fanart Contest

This is Rose-Bo.

She's an UTAU.

6J Playing 24 Carrot Island

My 1st Poptropica playthrough is on Youtube! Click on the link below for the playlist! Be sure to read my descriptions! Click Here for 6J Playing 24 Carrot Island Playlist

Playthrough Paused!

Bug issue with new 24 Carrot Island. I can't progress. Watch my video to know why! That is all.

6J Playing 24 Carrot Island Ep.1

My first Poptropica playthrough. The NEW and IMPROVED 24 Carrot Island! (Videos Available)

Fantage Post: Fashion Show Inc. Beach Edition

It's been years since I've uploaded a Fantage video on youtube. This video shows the gameplay of the new edition to Fashion Show Inc... A Beach Edition. All the themes in the game are the same like in the original but is paired with a beac…

Soil Beads in a Bottle

This is a video! Watch me play and observe these slippery beads!!! That is all.


Just a picture I made using Paint.Net. Been using my Fantage account for years. Fantage is a kid-friendly social site thingy. That is all.

6J Making: Duct Tape Wallet

Let me know if you enjoyed this video. That is all.

I'm From Flipnote Hatena Too!

Hi! Looking forward to Flipnote Studio 3D like all the other people who are from Flipnote Hatena. I'll post something interesting soon. That is all... Bye!