6J Rose


Another Fantage Post! Yay!

I haven't posted in a while (again), so I might as well post this here too.


I've just checked my Fantage account today (yes, after all these years I still check my account every now and then... glad I did), when I noticed that this week (as of this post) is "Free Premium Membership Week", so I had to participate because the week is almost over!

I know the stuff I bought will not be accessible after 4/9/2014, but at least it was pretty fun for me. Here's some screenshots of what I would be like if I was a Premium Member...

6JPrenium PremiumEverything PremiumMembership

It's like I was in a dream about my first day as a Premium Member...

I may never buy Premium Membership anyway.

I'm sure all the basic Fantagians who logged in this week had fun being Premium Members... for a week. Then it's back to basic (now ad-infested recently) membership.

Thanks to those who patiently waited for more posts on this blog!


That is all.