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Fantage Water Park on the Cruise!

An event in Fantage from 8/6 to 8/19/2015.

Water Park plus Starfish Hunt (8/13 till end of primary event).

Also Tropical Harvest at Fantage Farm, but I forgot to show that in this video. Enjoy Anyways! :D

However, here are some screenshots of the Tropical Harvest in Fantage Farm.





Exclusive Blog Update: I forgot the following event was the Tomato Festival, but the back to school part is only a gold sale. -.-'

That is all.

Another Fantage Post! Yay!

I haven't posted in a while (again), so I might as well post this here too.


I've just checked my Fantage account today (yes, after all these years I still check my account every now and then... glad I did), when I noticed that this week (as of this post) is "Free Premium Membership Week", so I had to participate because the week is almost over!

I know the stuff I bought will not be accessible after 4/9/2014, but at least it was pretty fun for me. Here's some screenshots of what I would be like if I was a Premium Member...

6JPrenium PremiumEverything PremiumMembership

It's like I was in a dream about my first day as a Premium Member...

I may never buy Premium Membership anyway.

I'm sure all the basic Fantagians who logged in this week had fun being Premium Members... for a week. Then it's back to basic (now ad-infested recently) membership.

Thanks to those who patiently waited for more posts on this blog!


That is all.

Check Out My Friend's Blogs

If you read this in my blog directly you can see the all the sidebars I've set up when I first made this blog. One of them is Visit Them Anytime! which is a list of my friends blogs. Though most are not very active but it would be nice to take a look at them at least. I post in some of the blogs of my friends btw.

List of my friends blogs:

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